About Sustainable Days Out.com

The SustainableDaysOut.com project began in 2019 and aims to help the eco-conscious find great places to visit and plan days out around them.

We don’t have formal criteria for inclusion. We want to provide information on a wide range of attractions and activities and put their sustainability credentials and ethics front-and-centre.

Everyone knows that heritage railways will always score worse than gardens when it comes to carbon footprint, but you’ll solve the climate crisis with lifestyle changes on an international level, not condemning the volunteers taking an old steam train along the side of a mountain.

You don’t need us to tell you that, but we can tell you which heritage railways are doing their best to reduce their environmental impact, and which gardens get through more single-use plastic than a bottled water factory.

For the short-term, we’re focusing on attractions in the North Wales and Chester area. If you have any suggestions or would like your attraction to be included, let us know via email or Twitter.

By Sam Warrenger and Lydia Frimston, part of the team behind TheFestivals.