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Penycloddiau is a hill in the Clwydian Range a couple of summits to the north of Moel Famau. Like Foel Fenlii and Moel Arthur, the summit is a former Iron Age hillfort with defences such as ramparts that survive to this day.

Covering an area of 21 hectares, Penycloddiau is the largest hillfort in Wales with a summit 440 metres above sea level. This makes it the 8th-highest summit in the Cwydian Range, with Moel Famau, the tallest, standing at 554 metres.

Bronze age burial mounds are visible on Penycloddiau, dating back over 4,000 years. The iron age hillfort and associated ramparts were built around 2,500 years ago. Historians believe hillforts such as this could also have been used for celebrations and markets.


From the car park, the walk to the summit is shorter and gentler than a climb up Moel Famau, Moel Arthur or Foel Fenlii.

Take the track heading uphill into the forest from the car park, then follow the path leading off to the right when you quickly arrive at the junction seen below.

Penycloddiau walk first junction


There is a small, free car park available.

There is no lighting, even in the car park, and no toilets available.

Penycloddiau car park