Zip World Slate Caverns

Zip World Slate Caverns above Blanau Ffestignog are home to exhilarating zip-wires and the unique Bounce Below attraction.

Zip World’s sustainability drive

In 2018, Zip World announced a £100,000 sustainability drive with a focus on reducing plastic packaging and increasing recycling across their three locations in North Wales.

This included the purchase of three Zip World-branded BMW i3 electric cars and charging points, supplementing their existing electric vans which transport adventurers within the Zip World sites.

Zip World co-founder Sean Taylor told a local newspaper: “Zip World’s ambition is to cause as little environmental impact from our business as possible – both across our three sites and along the North Wales, Adventure Highway, between our locations.

“The fleet of new BMW i3 vehicles is the most visible sign of our £100,000 sustainability drive. As well as this, we’re adding more electric charging points, increasing focus on reducing plastic packaging with our supplier partners and adding more recycling points on site.

“We’re proud of being a good neighbour to our communities and will continue to be.”